Our Big Canoes are modern replicas of  Voyageur and Northwest Indigenous Canoes. They are stable and allow participants to enjoy the scenery without the worry of having enough skills for the adventure. Wildlife sightings are common so bring both camera and binoculars.



Blakely Rocks Canoe Pull

Get ready to “pull”- paddle- one of our BIG canoes and enjoy some of the finest scenery in the Salish Sea. We’ll see Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and the Seattle Skyline on our way to Blakely Rock. To allow beaching and exploring the tide pools we follow the

Tide Log to set our launch time. A small snack is included. Three to four hour tour. No experiencenecessary. Meet in Waterfront Park.
Adults: $89, Children 10-15 years $55

Sunset and Full Moon Tour

Join us for a magical blend of moonlight, water and Voyager Canoeing.We’ll head out before dark and enjoy dusk and darkness on the water.Tours will run on the Friday and Saturday closest to each Full Moon and New Moon.Two to three hour tour. Meet in Waterfront Park


Adults:$65, Children 10-15  years $40




Eagle Harbor Experience

Explore the dynamic shoreline of our harbor, it’s rich history, scenic beauty, nooks and crannies

and abundant wildlife. Otters, harbor seals and shorebirds are just some of
the highlights as you and your guide leisurely paddle one of our Tribal Canoes
for a 2 hour getaway. Meet in Waterfront Park. 2-4 pm.


Adults:$55, Children 6-15: $35



Discover Blake Island

You can get to the 475 acre island state park only by boat. We’ll paddle- “pull”- our traditional Big Canoe, launching from Ft Ward to the Marine Trail Campsite on the NW corner of the island and have a light Lunch. The views of Seattle and Mt Rainier are spectacular.  As we explore the island, winding trails will take us to Tillicum Village and the Long House. Back to the canoe and more chances to encounter eagles, seals and other wildlife.Meet in Waterfront Park. Shuttle to Ft Ward and lunch is provided.

Adults:$125, Children 8-15 $75

Blake Island Overnight Excursion

Our premier local destination. We will launch our traditional Big Canoes in Eagle Harbor and paddle-“pull” towards a brief rest stop on Blakely Rock. From there we head around Restoration Point to Blake Island. Once there we’ll pitch camp. You will have time to explore the beach and madrona forest before we head to Tillicum Village for the live Native American storytelling show and salmon buffet. We have planned the dates to take advantage of the Full Moon, some fireside fun and off to bed . The return trip will be to Ft Ward,wheer we will shuttle back to Winslow.

Back of Beyond Adventures will provide dinner, breakfast and all group camping gear i

ncluding tents, sleeping pads and mess kits.Please bring your own sleeping bag, let us know if you need one.

Adults: $289